I’ve always aspired to be a writer of some kind but since I’ve been unable to finish even one book I applied to write reviews and was accepted this past weekend.

It’s been fun writing them and I feel like  improving a lot at it already, I’ll probably write quite a lot over the next few weeks.. 

If you feel like checking them out, go look at:


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Sprained Foot

So last Thursday was pretty eventful for me. I had the promise of a new job lined up and was ready to cook a nice chicken with “barbecue” sauce when there was a knock on the door, and I didn’t have my key with me.

After panicking and quickly running upstairs for my key, on the last couple of steps on the way back down I lost my footing and fell forward straight onto the side of my foot. It didn’t really hurt at all and i quickly (probably too quickly) got back onto my feet, awkwardly opened the door as my sight got foggy and talked briefly to my window cleaner before slamming the door, walking into the kitchen and fainting.

I didn’t really think the injury was painful enough to be a break but there was a slight lump on the left side (of my left foot) which I could only assume was a bone sticking out.. so after resting it for the night and getting a good-ish nights sleep I headed to the hospital to be informed that it I had damaged a ligament, and had to rest it for 6-8 weeks.. I’m not one to complain about an excuse to do nothing but not being able to play football or going for a run is quite saddening. 

At least I didn’t break it..