Patch 6.23 thoughts: Akali

Akali went through some interesting changes during the recent assassin overhaul, changes which I believe both weakened her slightly and also made her incredibly strong. They removed her permanent spellvamp/lifesteal bonuses and instead changed her passive to make one auto attack (every  8-4 seconds) heal her and the next auto attack within 4 seconds deal a lot of bonus damage.

Early game the heal and damage combination is almost unnoticeable unless you’re laning, her jungle clear is slightly worse than it was as before every one of her auto attacks would deal extra magic damage, so a few attack speed runes gave her very nice early jungle clear (as well as the Crescent Slash (E) spam made possible by earlier changes) plus she used to have better sustain as well as the spell vamp/life steal combination really made it so she never had to leave the jungle really if played correctly.

So she was in a really good spot for jungling before, but where is she now? Her jungle clear is substantially worse – however it’s still decent, especially with the jungle changes. If you start with the red buff and then the krugs you hit level 3 with only two camps, and Akali can quite happily do these two camps in a reasonable time with her Cresecent Slash for killing the smaller krugs, in fact she ends up with nearly full Hp if she does. With this quick level 3 you could maybe go straight to bot lane or to top.. but herein lies the problem, Akali’s ganks pre-6 are extremely weak but if you do manage to get a kill or even first blood, hitting 6 will be very fast and this will make it easy for you to snowball out of control..

So what did they change in patch 6.23?  The ratios (AD and AP) of her passive have been slightly increased, her Twilight Shroud (W) costs less mana and the ratios of Crescent Slash have been increased..

Although the changes aren’t substantial, I would say Akali is now a tier-1 champion and probably god-tier in low elo. Give her a chance either top as a tank, mid full AP or jungle with literally any of the jungle items you feel like building.

Tip: Learn which walls you can jump over with W. It’s almost the only use for the dash.


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