I’ve always aspired to be a writer of some kind but since I’ve been unable to finish even one book I applied to write reviews and was accepted this past weekend.

It’s been fun writing them and I feel like  improving a lot at it already, I’ll probably write quite a lot over the next few weeks.. 

If you feel like checking them out, go look at:


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Sprained Foot

So last Thursday was pretty eventful for me. I had the promise of a new job lined up and was ready to cook a nice chicken with “barbecue” sauce when there was a knock on the door, and I didn’t have my key with me.

After panicking and quickly running upstairs for my key, on the last couple of steps on the way back down I lost my footing and fell forward straight onto the side of my foot. It didn’t really hurt at all and i quickly (probably too quickly) got back onto my feet, awkwardly opened the door as my sight got foggy and talked briefly to my window cleaner before slamming the door, walking into the kitchen and fainting.

I didn’t really think the injury was painful enough to be a break but there was a slight lump on the left side (of my left foot) which I could only assume was a bone sticking out.. so after resting it for the night and getting a good-ish nights sleep I headed to the hospital to be informed that it I had damaged a ligament, and had to rest it for 6-8 weeks.. I’m not one to complain about an excuse to do nothing but not being able to play football or going for a run is quite saddening. 

At least I didn’t break it..

Don’t you love me bailly 

My six a side football team “don’t you love me bailly” has been having a horrendous year, after losing every game this season and more recently enjoying a 12-2 and 4-0 loss we finally got our first point.

A game that started with us losing 3-0, we managed to pull it back to 3-3 and then finally finished with a respectable 4-4. Hopefully this is a sign of better things to come, I’ll keep this blog updated with it anyway and will add the current league table once I get access to it.


The cheesecake went down very well although it doesn’t really meet the expectations of a cheesecake, it tastes quite a lot like an egg custard both in taste and in texture. Adding cream and syrup to it definitely brings a whole new flavour, making it a nice light dessert or a rich sugary breakfast!

Pumpkin Cheesecake?

So the pumpkin cheesecake didn’t go as planned because I couldn’t get any pumpkin! But I was told that sweet potato or butternut squash can be used as a substitute (not sure how sweet potato cheesecake will taste..) so I went ahead and tried it out. The recipe I used is this:

2 Sweet Potatoes (peeled, sliced, boiled and mashed)

Philadelphia Cheese – around 300g

1/4 teaspoon ground nutmeg

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon

1/4 teaspoon ground cloves

2 eggs

10 Mcvities digestive biscuits (crushed)

A decent amount of melted butter to mix with the biscuits, I pretty much just winged this part as I slowly added more and more butter until it was a good consistency

A couple of tablespoons of sugar

A dash of golden syrup

I’m going to whip some cream later today to add to it as well, and will be drizzling some more syrup on top (or just having it on the table..) I have no idea how nice this will be as I’ve never had a pumpkin cheesecake or even thought of a sweet potato one in my whole life, but I’ll update this post with how it tastes later! 🙂

Patch 6.23 thoughts: Akali

Akali went through some interesting changes during the recent assassin overhaul, changes which I believe both weakened her slightly and also made her incredibly strong. They removed her permanent spellvamp/lifesteal bonuses and instead changed her passive to make one auto attack (every  8-4 seconds) heal her and the next auto attack within 4 seconds deal a lot of bonus damage.

Early game the heal and damage combination is almost unnoticeable unless you’re laning, her jungle clear is slightly worse than it was as before every one of her auto attacks would deal extra magic damage, so a few attack speed runes gave her very nice early jungle clear (as well as the Crescent Slash (E) spam made possible by earlier changes) plus she used to have better sustain as well as the spell vamp/life steal combination really made it so she never had to leave the jungle really if played correctly.

So she was in a really good spot for jungling before, but where is she now? Her jungle clear is substantially worse – however it’s still decent, especially with the jungle changes. If you start with the red buff and then the krugs you hit level 3 with only two camps, and Akali can quite happily do these two camps in a reasonable time with her Cresecent Slash for killing the smaller krugs, in fact she ends up with nearly full Hp if she does. With this quick level 3 you could maybe go straight to bot lane or to top.. but herein lies the problem, Akali’s ganks pre-6 are extremely weak but if you do manage to get a kill or even first blood, hitting 6 will be very fast and this will make it easy for you to snowball out of control..

So what did they change in patch 6.23?  The ratios (AD and AP) of her passive have been slightly increased, her Twilight Shroud (W) costs less mana and the ratios of Crescent Slash have been increased..

Although the changes aren’t substantial, I would say Akali is now a tier-1 champion and probably god-tier in low elo. Give her a chance either top as a tank, mid full AP or jungle with literally any of the jungle items you feel like building.

Tip: Learn which walls you can jump over with W. It’s almost the only use for the dash.

Pumpkin cheesecake: Update

I googled where to find tinned pumpkin and found Waitrose sell some (a few other online retailers such as Ocado also do) but after making the journey all the way to the other side of the city I found they’ve discontinued it! I’m not sure if I’ll still be able to make the pumpkin cheesecake, as I planned on doing it tomorrow morning.. but we’ll see.

I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seats!

Patch 6.23 thoughts: Anivia


Anivia has been in a weird spot for years now, her high mana costs and vulnerability as well as her quite boring kit made her an extremely uncommon pick.. which seemed to make her ability to one-shot people with Frostbite go under Riots radar.

It’s obvious to see Riots aims with these changes, make Anivia deal the same amount of damage but in a less gimmicky, more “skillful” way. Origianivianally people would cast Frostbite (E) on somebody, and then place their Glacial Storm (R) beneath them before it hits, causing her Frostbite to deal maximum damage to them and quite often one-shot squishy targets.

So to prevent this Riot has made her ultimate “fully form”, where it slowly grows in size and damage and only once it has reached it’s full form will her Frostbite deal the 200% damage that it usually does. To accompany these nerfs though Riot has also made her Crystallize (W) a much shorter cooldown at all ranks (25 seconds – 17 seconds at all ranks) which will make it much easier for Anivia’s to throw out what will become their main combo of R-W-E or W-R-Q-E..

My thoughts on these changes are that they are long overdue, although Anivia hasn’t been much of an issue in ranked games, pulling in a very low play rate.. that still doesn’t mean she shouldn’t be touched. Without giving her kit an overhaul comparable to Poppy’s, at least by making it require more skill to deal the same amount of damage will make her more balanced. However with her low play rate I doubt we’ll see the effects of these changes anytime soon.